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Wide Open


  • Image of Wide Open
  • Image of Wide Open

36” x 36” acrylic painting on stretched canvas with a 2 3/8” profile.

The “Vicious Cycle” series explores visual representations of relentless shapes and claustrophobic moments juxtaposed with created space on canvas. In creating this body of work, my process oscillated between extreme focus/obsession to pure joy/relief. This small series aims to empathetically mimic those tight/helpless circles we have found ourselves in as of late but also aims to provide hope for those spacious moments of joy and relief that surely will come.

Image of Cycles
Image of Broken Sticks
Broken Sticks
Image of The Middle
The Middle
Image of Temperature Check
Temperature Check
Image of Universal
Image of Vicious Cycle
Vicious Cycle
Image of Tight Circles
Tight Circles
Image of Sticks and Stones
Sticks and Stones
Image of Asleep
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